How to Clean Dirty White Nike Shoes in the Washing Machine?

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White Nike Shoes

Cleaning your favorite white Nike sports shoes apparel can sometimes be tedious, especially if you wear white Nike shoes. It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think! Remember, while you can learn how to clean white Nike sneakers, it doesn’t take much extra time or effort and some great cleaning tricks. If you’re up for the task, then the rewards are well worth it.

First of all, let’s talk about cleaning Nike Running shoes. If you spill something on your white Nike Shoes, make sure to dab it off before you let any water-based cleaners or spray-on cleaners sit on them. Any stain that remains will only attract more dirt and stain to your Nike Running shoes. If possible, try to air dry the area to remove any excess moisture; this makes it easier to get the stains out of the shoes.

You can also use white Nike shoes with dark dye on them like those on the “Yeehaw” commercial. Again, make sure not to put the bedsores in the water when washing them. The same goes for the laces: if they get wet, let them air dry on a towel first. Once both the dye and the stain are removed, lightly iron your shoes using an iron set on the lowest setting. This ensures that the iron will easily lift the color from the fabric without causing too much damage.

Let your white shoes be white! If your shoes have old stains on them like pet stains from your dog, coffee stains from the day you spilled your cup of coffee, or even the black color of tea leaves, use white toothpaste to remove them. Start by brushing your shoes with this toothpaste. You should see results almost immediately.

Your feet are so delicate that a good cleanser must be gentle to them. For shoes made from synthetic materials like leather or plastic materials, gently scrub the shoes with a soft brush to remove dirt and dust. Use a mild shampoo specially formulated for cleaning shoes and avoid using conditioners that contain alcohol. You may also want to rinse your shoes under warm running water to get rid of the extra moisture that can help attract more dirt. Dry them on a towel to remove extra moisture and then hang to dry.

How to clean white mesh Nike shoes? 

If your shoes have minor scuffs and scrapes, apply a simple shoe powder. Mix a small amount of powder with a tablespoon of cornstarch or baking soda and apply to the scuffs. Scrub the shoes until the powder is fully absorbed into the material. Follow this up by lightly rubbing the remaining material on the scuffs to get them as clean as possible.

How to clean stains from hard leather shoes? 

If the stains are too deep, you may need to use a different cleaning product type or treat the stain with shoe polish to get it out. You can use a soft brush to brush the stains out or get a stiff bristle brush and work the stains out. The only problem with stiff bristle brushes is that they can damage the shoe’s bottom if you scrub too hard. If the stain is deep enough, you can try using lemon juice or rubbing alcohol to remove it altogether.

How to clean white shoes in the washing machine? 

To make sure the white Nike Running shoes you want to wash are thoroughly dried, place them in the washing machine on top of a white sheet. Make sure that the white sheets are completely dry before placing them inside the washing machine. If the sneakers have the fabric in them, you may want to consider using a dryer attachment, but make sure that the white shoes are completely dry before putting them inside the dryer.

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