Maroon Nike Bomber Jacket

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Maroon Nike Bomber Jacket

The latest addition to the ever-expanding Nike bomber jacket maroon range has awesome color and looks elegant. Launched very recently, the maroon Nike bomber jacket color was inspired by the color scheme of the London Olympics uniforms.

Designed for male and female models and professional athletes, this jacket offers athletes the chance to pop their A-game with a tailored fit and a combination of high-tech fabrics that make them feel fast, comfortable, and in complete control.

Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, this maroon bomber jacket Nike promises to not only look good but also feel good when worn.

Made from light canvas, the Nike bomber jacket maroon has a sleek modern look and a tailored fit that will make you feel your best. A lightweight fabric ensures maximum comfort, whilst modern stitches and collar bones ensure a sharp, clean look.

For optimum comfort and durability, choose the jacket made from Nike’s TriTek cement technology, a strong, tear-resistant fabric that offers a snug fit with ultimate durability.

A thin nylon lining completes the look and offers a clean finish that will prevent the jacket from developing any stains or odors.

The colors available are black, white, and Maroon, each of which is offered in a range of prints to complement any look.

The Nike bomber jacket maroon is finished with a combination of soft fabric and mesh for optimal ventilation. The design features a front panel with a mesh panel lining, finished with an adjustable collar and front snap closure.

The interior of the jacket is also finished with a mesh panel lining, featuring a ‘Zeus’ graphic on the back. The front and back panels of the Maroon Nike bomber jacket are ventilated and offer breathable air.

The jacket is then finished with a waistband made of nylon and has three large zippers, including one on the side of the jacket. A black flyback gives the jacket a sharp, edgy, and stylish look.

The latest release from the Nike camp includes a premium Maroon bomber jacket Nike grey colored. Unlike the grey which is black on the outside and grey inside, this jacket comes in a rich chocolate brown.

The interior of the jacket is leather and features detailed stitching. Contrasting color on the outside is also included, giving the jacket its own identity – the lighter color on the outside is the ‘black’.

The jacket features an adjustable tie back and a collar made from Nike’s TriTek technology, a design that is incredibly comfortable to wear.

This men’s jacket is completed with a black cuffed collar and the requisite black lace trimmings. The jacket material is nubuck and suede and has been designed to offer superb breathability and durability.

The jacket lining has been designed to help regulate airflow through the jacket and is complimented on both sides by strategically placed mesh pockets and a ribbed interior.

The black color of the lining helps to give the jacket a subtle contrast and completes the look with a pair of black laced Donruss Nikes.

The Nike bomber jacket maroon has all the makings of a fantastic looking product. The fit, the quality, the look, and the finishing are all top-notch. There is nothing better than a great-looking jacket that is also soft to the touch and perfect for a night out.

Wearing one will make you look like a million dollars as they will turn heads wherever you go. This jacket would make an ideal gift for a fashion-conscious man and will be one of the must-have jackets in your wardrobe.

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