Nike Pegasus Review – Nike Pegasus Live Up to Expectations?

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There are few choices when it comes to any basketball sneakers as well-received and loved by basketball legends as the Nike Pegasus and Nike Air Pegasus. These are the ultimate in performance basketball sneakers, providing unbelievable cushioning and stability for a true high-flying athlete. The Air Pegasus represents the original full-length design of the Air Force 1, which was an incredibly successful basketball shoe back in the late 1980s. It is still one of the most popular basketball shoes to this day.

Original Nike Air Pegasus

Many years have passed since the release of the original Nike Air Pegasus. The new version continues to garner rave reviews from all across the globe. Much has been said about the Air Pegasus and its cushioning ability. But it still remains one of the best performing basketball sneakers of all time. If you are in the market for a good pair of basketball sneakers then the Nike Air Pegasus is without a doubt the shoe that you have been waiting for. 

So what makes these sneakers so special?

Well, the most important part of the Nike Pegasus is probably its appearance. While it may be popular with everyone else, it is not exactly eye-catching. It is a bit plain and unimpressive, and that is why it still commands such a large market share. This style, however, is one that is very popular among serious players. Its unique design makes it ideal for anyone looking for a solid yet lightweight sneaker.

In addition to its unique design, one of the most important aspects of the Nike Pegasus is its cushioning abilities. As it turns out, this is actually a fairly unique characteristic of the Air Pegasus itself. Most high-top sneaker models tend to be lacking in terms of cushioning and support. It does however end up coming up trumps with time. As it does not wear down quickly as other sneaker models tend to do, thanks to its unique ‘waffle’ rubber outer layer.

One of the main features of the Nike Pegasus is it’s mid-foot cushioning. Most of the better mid-sole designs tend to either have a non-marking rubber or plastic mid-sole. The Nike Pegasus manages to buck this trend, as the midsole has a smooth, soft rubbery feel to it. This allows it to work quite well as a protection for the heel, although its aggressive nature means that it will usually dent if used to strike a ball. Yet despite this, the cushioning of the Nike Pegasus is fairly decent. As it retains most of the shock absorption qualities of other mid-sole designs.

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Moving on to the running gear, one of the most common features of the Nike Pegasus is the Aircel mid-foot shoe. Airsol is a type of airbag designed to add stability to the feet, particularly when running quickly. With a number of small airbags placed behind the toes and forefeet, the airbags work by constricting the body’s weight so that only the muscles of the legs and feet are impacted. Airsol reduces the impact force through its strategically placed airbags. And also removes any extra energy that could be transferred to the lower leg muscles. Because of this, running shoes have been found to have less shock absorption than some other designs.

One of the best running sneakers out at the moment is the Nike Pegasus. The Nike Pegasus is perfect for any kind of surface. It can be used on grass or gravel, which makes it especially useful for distance runners. So, It is able to cope well on pretty much any surface, with the exception of extremely soft surfaces, and so can be worn with almost any outfit. It is one of the best value for money that you can get in any sportswear, with some running trainers costing a few hundred dollars.

Although there are a lot of reviews of the Nike Pegasus online, what people really need to do is just try one for themselves. If it works well, then it’s a winner. However, if it doesn’t work, then it’s just wasted money. So it’s always a good idea to try them all out before committing to anything. You never know how comfortable you will end up until you actually try a pair on.

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