What to Look For in a Nike Pegasus Running Shoe

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Nike Pegasus

The Nike Pegasus 35 is the shoe of choice for the aggressive runner. These shoes are lightweight and easy to slip on and off. It has a long-running track record of excellent construction and performance. But the new Nike Pegasus has a couple of new tricks up its sleeve. The shoe has been redesigned with a fast, sleek design and a smooth transition from heel to toe. 

A lightweight, flexible midsole and beveled toe-outlet work well with the powerful Nike Air Zoom running pods for optimum responsiveness, while strategically engineered mesh and Flywire cables keep you locked in for supreme speed.

The Nike Pegasus has an attractive, sculpted sole with patent leather uppers and a perforated toe. This creates a fluid running environment. The uppers are perforated to allow airflow between the shoe and foot for maximum oxygenation and cushioning. The perforations are also located near the back of the tongue, which allows air to pass through the shoe and wick moisture away from the toes.

Low Top version features

The Nike Pegasus features a traditional mid-foot design. However, it is also available in a ‘low top’ version. This variation allows runners to feel more comfortable when going over rough surfaces. Most people will tell you that the low-top version of the Nike Pegasus provides more cushioning. Yet the benefits of having the ‘low top’ version outweigh the advantages of the traditional model.

As the new Nike Pegasus was being developed, there were a lot of innovative engineering changes. A new outsole material called Puremotion allowed Nike to add a new element of support. Pure motion adds flexibility and durability without compromising springiness. It is lighter and is made of thicker high-tech materials.

Pegasus Best Performance

An active lifestyle requires athletes to perform at their best. Running, walking, and climbing stairs require strength and agility. These elements can only be gained from a proper running shoe. When choosing a running shoe, one should consider the type of activities they will be engaged in. The type of shoe will also be determined by foot characteristics, posture, and body type.

Air Pockets for more cushioning

A typical sneaker contains air pockets to provide cushioning. When purchasing these shoes, look for air pockets that are not visible on the inside of the shoe. Air pockets help to absorb shock and reduce the risk of injury. If these are not present, the shoes will not perform as well.

Quality over price benefits

One should not purchase the least expensive sneaker that one can afford. There is always a reason why the cost is higher than lesser shoes. The best performing Nike shoes do not have to be the most expensive. The best performing Nike shoes are those that perform well on flat and natural surfaces. The least expensive shoes will perform poorly on artificial surfaces with much wear and tear.

Need base Shoe Design

A true enthusiast will be able to find the best shoes to meet their needs. They will be able to find shoes that are lightweight and easy to run in. Shoes will have a cushioned underside to reduce fatigue.

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There will be enough cushion in the shoe to provide support while running. Performance shoes will allow feet to breathe as airflow keeps feet cool. This prevents tiredness and injury.

Durable Material

Look for the type of material that is used in the shoe. Durability is important when selecting a shoe. Nylon is a good choice of material for athletic shoes because it is lightweight and can withstand constant foot pressure. Soft leather is also a good choice because it can help reduce blisters during the course of your run.

Engineered Construction of Nike Shoes

The way a shoe is constructed affects how well it will work to improve your performance. Most Nike shoes are constructed using high-quality materials. The outer layer of the soles is made from rubber that provides traction. When the inner layer of the shoe is made from polyurethane foam this also provides traction on a variety of surfaces.

Best Fit Sizes of Nike Pegasus 35

The fit of the shoe is an important consideration when purchasing a new pair of shoes. The size you get will be determined by the specific needs of your feet. There are different sizes for men and women. Find a shoe that is a comfortable fit and one that has the features you need. Different Nike shoes provide different features so be sure to try on several pairs before making a purchase.

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